We supply and install direct from the manufacture which in turn give you the best value in town!!!

Specialist Knowledge

Our team with years of experience understands the unique demands of renovation and knows the best way to get the job done quickly, inexpensively and hassle-free. We’ll use our expertise to bring your vision for your apartment to life.

One-Stop Renovation.

With us, design and build are all part of one process and because these elements are in sync with each other, the renovation runs smoothly. The Merrion Interiors way prevents the stress of managing different contractors and conflicting ideas by using a team with a singular vision who work closely together to transform your apartment into your ideal home.

Value for Money.

Merrion Interiors is the smart choice for any budget conscious renovator. We give you access to quality materials and expert tradesmen at low prices. Our partnerships with suppliers throughout the renovations industry guarantee us great savings that we can pass on to you. In addition to savings on materials and services, our all-in-one service model means you save on run around costs too!

No Delays.

We pride ourselves on being fast and efficient and our extensive experience gives us the know how to get things done within the shortest timeframe. Having all our suppliers and artisans under one umbrella makes coordinating and managing your renovation much quicker and simpler


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